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[Gameplay en español]

This game is really scary! The atmosphere is very well done and the jumpscares too! Nice work with this game :D

watch it

Short but disturbing AF this was a really good horror game love to see more bro 😱

This game is built different...

Loved the game and the eerie atmosphere! One of the best horror games I ever played.

Genuinely such a terrifying game, love the concept.

Awesome man


HAD  Blast & heart attack playing this game

does any body knows which assets did he us

One of the scariest games I've ever played. Loved playing it on stream, here's my funny moments while playing (Starts 5:14) PLEASE CHECK OUT

this game is a must play!

Soooo Nice Brotha!!!
That's My Video On Your Game!

This game was super good, and scared the crap out of m

This was actually the scariest game ive played, check out my gameplay to watch me almost die from how scared i was

it was sooo great! amazing graphics and i loved it, i was a bit confused at the beggining but i got the hang of it later on :P

Incase missed, I play it 20:35 in, brilliant game was terrifying. Check out my video

did a gamplay on this
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Just a Good short Jump scare from this games developer, I liked the 1st and the second games. Really brings out the reality of fear into someone. 




"scary" is NOT the right word for this. It's a nightmare ;)


Scary AF lol

Verdammt gruseliges Spiel! Hatte kurzzeitig das Gefühl das meine Seele den Körper verlässt! Definitiv gelungen! 5/5

Wrong Floor makes me very scared. Several scares and chills. I loved it.

What a Game!!

Check out my playthrough!


Really cool creepy game, definitely didn't expect it do be so scary! WTF even is this guy?! (played at 20:36)

i have tried to play this game several times. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it....When I start it up, I get the Unity logo and then just a black screen

dude, it was a blast playing this game, thanks for such a good one. this is literally what defines horror yessir

Isn't this basically "From The Darkness" which you guys at N4BA also made?

I have literally just played this game and had to come and write a review. No game has ever made me feel as unsettled, and so on edge as I just did. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of your games and looking out for more from you. Thank-you and huge well done! :)

Dude... this game was insane! It made me stand up for a few minutes to take a breather!

This is probably one of the scariest game I played on the channel. The setting being dark and the creature itself already makes it terrifying.

lets collab

Genuinely scared me. I loved the idea of being stuck and having to wonder through this nightmare. I think you did an amazing job on this and would love to see more. Thank you!

I really enjoyed my playthrough of this game, well done! Very eerie atmosphere left me waiting for the worst lol Please check out my playthrough to see me struggle lol.

This game really depend much on jumpscares to be be spooky and horror, which I guess can be a blast from the past as all horror games now have chasing enemies. The game has a really dark and claustrophobic atmosphere with a lot of corners which is perfect for a chase scene but there is none which is bummer. The monster looks kinda silly up close but still has it's own creepiness. The graphic is very good definitely and even paid attentions to details with the feet. Overall, a decent horror game with jumpscares type that I've seen much back in the days, 7.25/10. Oh, I also did a playthrough of the game: 

This is left me uneasy and I love it!

one of the scariest games i ever played, well done :D

So so far the scariest game I have played on here. I am a huge fan of Outlast and horror in general. I have seen alot of jumpscares and just scary. However I have NEVER ever experienced what I experienced what I experienced during this game. It caused me chest pain so with that be careful it is truly amazing and I def will play and recommend but I was terrified and it brought out physical reactions, chest pain and gasping which anothers found funny. No fault to the creator I hope we can see the maniac again the future he truly is something. 20/10

What a wild ride this game is! Defiantly gonna checkout the other games you've made! 

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