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great game very scary!!

Very well made developer! The atmos and environment was on point! Maybe add vents or a gap below the floor? To make it feel like he is not teleporting but rather crawling around in the basement and acting all angry theres a person in his home. Looking forward to more games from you!

The TENSE I can't emphasize that enough.

At some points I had to turn my head especially after that first jump scare.

The tight corridors contrasted with the big creature also helps to hold that scare factor. He takes up the entire hall and a big chunk of room.

I love the atmosphere, and how just uneasy you feel the whole time.

Please make more.

PS. Sound design is dope as well.

GGs   :)

The best thing I've played in the last month!!!

Short, but very good!

Dude I really Like your game I actually got scared too amazing game, I made a video on my channel. Pls check it out

Short but flawless horror game

just played the game this morning and OH BOY I shit myself, The vidéo is in french by the way ;)

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated, let's build a community of people who love indie horror and suport small developers!)):


1. The ambiance was very powerful! I loved the lack of lights at first and just breathing in the end of the dark corridor! Very scary! Great sound design!

2. The man was very creepy! I loved how he would stare at the main character - that scared  me every time! I loved little secret scares with pressing a certain keyboard button and looking at his picture. Very cool!


1. I think that the behaviour of this dude ruinede the ambiance a bit. It  would be very cool to script him killing the main character if they get too close to the man or script him actually opening that door that lead to the tools. Othewise after getting really close to him, his power over you would vanish and he'd become significantly less scary.

2. I think that jumpscares where he would appear and vanish immediately ruin the ambiance a bit as the man doesn't seem to be real after them. The player used to perceive him as an actual being somewhere in the basement (which is really scary) but then he appears and dissappears and teleports. That ruins the ambiance a bit.


I think the game was great! I would rate it 5/5 as I liked it a lot and it scared me! Though, I still think it would benefit from a bit more work. Maybe then this game can become a bigger experience.

Hope my feedback was useful!

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(google translate) Thanks for your review, I updated the game and now the player can die, I hope this will not irritate the players, although what do they think about when they approach the big maniac. Disappearance is a big minus, and I know it, but it is difficult to implement in any other way, you can explain this by golucinations.

Just played this game and it s*** me up i was on edge the whole game 😨 it would be fun to play this in VR. Here's my playthrough: 

enjoy 😎👍

I loved the secret that they put haha when I played it again I found it ... although I prefer the first person, adding 3rd person was great, Here is the video in case someone wants to see it

Excellent game!! freaked me out XD Very suspenseful! kept me on edge the whole time!

very very scary 😨

Great game !

This was very spooky and had a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed it, keep up the great work man.

Страшная капец была честна


very nice atmosphere!

I played for an entire 7 minutes, then I feared for my heart health

Great short horror game! 

Very good game, I got a little scared hahahahahah. It is a short game.

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My God, this game, on several occasions I wanted to quit because of the stress it caused me, but it was an incredible and terrifying experience 100% recommended ... I only have one question ... why the eyes in the closet near where do you get the flashlight? hahaha I left this gameplay that I realized hehe I loved playing this (it's in Spanish)

glad you liked it) the eyes are there because it's better than nothing

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Really Well Done !!! It got me really stressed & scared !!!

Very cool game, spooky atmosphere, good sound design! Gave me a good scare.


3 random horror games #3.

What a scary game, it had me jumping in my seat with those jump scares.Also the atmosphere added to the suspense.

Your game is no 1, I really loved this game, I cannot wait for more games from you.

I really enjoyed this game it was very scary, and the atmospherec was fantastic, im so very iimpressed, and thanks.

So So cool :)

Damn.. this is really good. It made me jump a few times. Nice job! Thanks for the scares!

Very scary! I loved it.


Suspicious guy

Very scary, and I love it! This game had me on edge the whole time I was playing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack lol. Great game, thanks for the experience. I will leave my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

This game was fun to play!  I managed to get jump scared quite a few times and the atmosphere in this game managed to creep me out too!  Great job! 

What a great short horror game! Great atmosphere, jump scares, overall creepiness, easy progression without feeling too lost and fun gameplay.  

well this was just brilliant, is there more coming?


Thank you, Wrong floor finished game, most likely I will create something else but not soon

Well that was an experience I do not want to repeat.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

I recommend everyone to play this masterpiece 5/5


It's terrible. Good job!

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great jobs ! good creepy----want wrong floor 2  :P

Really super short horror game..great job..

A hope your create a full game like this.

Great job!!!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, I was on edge literally the whole game, the environment, sound effects and everything was very good, and the moving camera makes is more creepy imo, the jumpscares were also done pretty well, for a 10 min game this was wonderful, would love to see a longer version of it, great work :) 

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