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Did you use a heavily modified model of Eddie Gluskin for Maniac?

heh no) i don't even see any similarities between them, i used fuse program

By the way, love how you created your own custom model instead of using a free one or purchasing one from the unity store!

Nice game


Pretty neat!

So good! I really enjoyed playing the game. Flashlight was a bit goofy but that made it more challenging! Loved it!!

This game made but my butt crack sweat, thank you for making this game! I'd definitely be interested in playing more of your work!

Your me good! Scared me the most of the 3 indie horror games I did tonight...keep up the great work and left a follow =)

Your game starts at 11:57 in the vid

Scary Game

I played through the full game, along with two others, and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel! I have nothing but high praise for this game, the atmosphere was one of the best I have ever experienced! I spent about fifteen minutes aimlessly wandering around in pure dread. I hope to see more come out of this at some point! Thank you for this experience, my friend!

This game was really short. It didn't stop it from being one of the scariest games I have ever played!I really enjoyed it you got me good with some of those jumps scares. You can check out me and my friends reaction to the game on my channel!

#WrongFloorBR #WrongFloorBrazil #WrongFloorBrasil #PTBR #PortuguêsDoBrasil

Oi N4BA Desenvolvedores do Wrong Floor, aqui é o Gaming Interactive do Brasil falando com vocês sobre o jogo e duas sugestões, eu gostei do jogo ele tem uma pegada de MADiSON e Visage muito bom mesmo, os gráficos são Incriveis de começo já, a jogabilidade não tem muito o que fala, mas eu tenho dois sugestões um é fazer um porte para Android, iOS é os Consoles muita gente não conhece esse jogo então pfv faz um porte pra Android, iOS e consoles, e também colocar Legendas em Português do Brasil ♡♡♡♡

Desculpa mas nao

i loved the game , it was insane and scary ...keep on

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The jump scares were *very* good, the atmosphere was great, and I had a positive experience overall. If I were the developer, I would be proud of this game. Well done!

That being said, there are some issues. The ending is unfinished, you can't die (just a personal preference of mine, admittedly) and there's no option to play the game at a lower resolution.

If this game is updated, I will definitely play it again.

This game was eerie, scary and sick overall here's my playthrough of it :)

For the French if that interests :)

I don't know where to start. This game is incomparable. Nothing beats it. Not a single game. This is the greatest horror game I've ever played. And you can see on my channel that I've been through quite a few of those lol


I'm sorry, I tried to open it before but it says it can't be opened. It is because I'm doing something wrong or its error or something??

they say if you download from the itch io app everything will work 

I tried to download from the itch io app but it still doesn’t work

what do u mean 


mine did the same thing


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Imagine this but with russian furries, idea for next game :)

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nice game please add settings menu for low end pcs i getting 20 fps

This was AMAZING looking forward to a full game!

Here is a play through:

This was honestly one of the scariest games I've played in recent years. I'd love to see a full length at some point! It got me good twice:

i was to scared to play


Yes yes horror go scary game yes yes


this game is gonna be popular in vr but its hard to make it in vr

Decent horror game, I'd say the appearance of the maniac was a bit too frequent but I enjoyed it! 


This game was amazing!! only feedback I would say is I wish it was longer....Here is the video if you guys want to check it out. 

This game was amazing. It had me on edge the entire game!

We loved this game it was very creepy,  Probably had me creeped out more than any game I've played in awhile! 

Hello there.

I was wondering if you could tell me how long your game is? I am considering doing a YouTube video on it :D

i watched videos maybe atleast 15 minutes if u know what to do and where to go

I can work with that, knowing me it will probably take longer than it should xD

im the same xD

He looks like my friend


WOW !! Crazy dark and creepy ! Excellent sound effects and atmosphere. Great jump scares!! 


dont just look thru here PLAY IT!!


you got me


Pour les Francophones !

love this game great job video start at 9:38

I haven't felt on edge for a long time until I played this game! A constant state of fear and dread that this person is right behind you! Props to the creator on this one! 

can i change my controls 


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