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9 Childs St - is a demo horror game . You play as a child who began to notice strange things in an abandoned house opposite in which an old toy creator lived, and somehow at night secretly from his parents, taking only a flashlight, he decided to see what was happening in this house. But as it should be in a horror, it turns out that this place is fraught with a terrible secret.



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Version 3


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Amazing game! The graphics were way better than most games on this site! Amazing set up to the endgame! I screamed and had goosebumps the entire time! Loved it! Please at least check out my reaction and subscribe and comment :)

this game scared the hell outta me. and that music you used for the intro was so dope. i freetyled a terrible freestyle to it lol keep up the good work

Very scary and awesome graphics! Can't wait for the full version!

Check out my channel for more! Please subscribe, like, and comment thanx! I will reply!

I absolutely LOVED this game. 

The story was dark but still intriguing, the pacing was spot on, graphics really nice too.

Cant wait for the full game to come out.

Check out my video.

DUDE WHAT, honestly throughout the whole game I was on edge, didn't know where the scares were gonna come from but honestly cannot wait for the full game to drop

I quite like this game and of course I give this game a full 10 points.
with images and sounds that look quite realistic However, I will wait to see the full game.

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This was an intense game. The sounds and the lighting got my heart racing. Arms sweating moms spaghetti :( I hate dolls with a passion. Can’t wait to see the full-game soon. 10/10 game :D

Seriously super impressed by this one. The visuals, the moments, and the sheer fact that it’s not IN YOUR FACE while being absolutely terrifying at the same time. Thank You!


Very good

Loved the game very well made cant wait till the full game and this game had me on edge on the whole game and the jumpscares was crazy 

This game had a great story and creepy atmosphere, loved it. Here's my funny gameplay of it (Starts 11:23) PLEASE CHECK OUT

Really good game i shit on myself the ambiance was good and a tips for new player don't put the song max you will lost your hear

This demo was great I highly highly recommend it. Like I said at the end of this vid I actually had to play through it for a second time which is the reason for me seeming to just skip somethings. But even with the fore knowledge of this game it still made me jump at times. I hope I get a chance to play the full release.

Normally I try to do some pros and cons to help with development anyway I can. But honestly you seem to have this in the bag. A great demo.


- lighting and sound
-- Which results in great atmosphere
- Most things are interactable
- Small details were taking into consideration

-- And I like the fact that the doll doesn't appear in the hall unless you go see him in the room first.

All in all GGs and I can't wait to see what you bring to the table in the full release


This demo was really fun to play! The sound effects were 10/10 nothing scarier than hearing babies crying in an "abandonded" house, check out this video for a full playthrough of this game! :)

Atmosphere was really well done and the feel of the game was just so spooky; you did a really great job on that! Even the blur in the game seemed perfectly in distance and added to the creepy atmosphere and made things harder to see in the distance. The sound made it that much more spookier; overall you've made a great game!

Sooo looking forward a full version, the atmosphere of the game was so heavy and intense, made me really uncomfortable and spooked. I was so afraid the whole time! Wonderful job!!!

Great atmosphere and sound design! Had me spooked to look behind me a lot of times! Thoroughly enjoyed this game, and looking forward to a full version.

FULL GAMEPLAY + ENDING (no Commentary)

n4ba never fails me, fantastic gameplay. Cant wait for full release. 

this game was great! super creepy and the graphics and lighting are really good! great job


the game creates a magnificent tension! The dark surroundings and the mystery that the house hides has made it fun to play. Good job :D

I have made a gameplay en español of this game!.

Just finished playing this, and, i'm not sure if this was supposed to happen, but the music was in game the whole time, either way, this game made me uncomfortable.

A bit wonky on the objectives but atmospheric as hell. Gave a little bit about the story but still has missing parts well t is a demo. I love interactable games but would have been great if there anything them drawers.

Another great game from N4bA. Seriously, I have now put this developer on my list. This game had such intrigue, atmosphere, and the sound design made this one very spooky game. I had a very enjoyable experience. Please finish the full game, I need to know what happens next. My subscribers recommended this one to me, and I am glad they did. It's the 3rd game in the video above. My God I had a blast.

This game was incredibly scary and had amazing sound design. The sound effects made the experience so much creepier. Great work! 

this game is very beautiful by chance it was made in unrreal engine?

here's my playthrough, come check it out :)

My Subscribers suggested this game to me and I am glad they did. This game is filled with terrifying noises and images that literally scared me.  Great job on this. I hope you continue working on this title cause I would love me explore the whole story about this abandoned house and the horrifying story within it.


I dont like that stupid doll get it away but good game really spooky 

Great work, I like the atmosphere and graphics, had a great time playing, your game, got scary many times :)

HAD A GREAT TIME PLAYING THIS! Can't Wait for the full game! Let me know what you guys think about the gameplay :D 

I had a lot of fun trying out this horror game!  The game had some great jumpscares too.

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this game is crazy good!!!!  👍👍

Mega spooky energy

What Can I say Apart From WOW!!!!! N4BA You Always Know How to Scare Me This was such a different game the atmosphere was amazing the graphics amazing and the subtle scares were very effective I felt like I had to keep looking over my shoulder the whole time this was awesome keep making these games there amazing!!

This game was terrifying and made me jump a lot i got very scared. considering this was just the demo and it was amazing i cant wait for the full game to come out.

My reaction:  

My throat was actually sore from screaming so much LMAO. Check out my playthrough here! I had some really funny moments!
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