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This game was very crazy.  I'm glad I got to play it.

Had a horrible time playing this. In a good way. And it was super awesome for N4BA to stop by in chat for a while. 

Can't wait to play the rest of the collection. Love your work. 

bruhhhhhhh this was crazyy

Another fun horror game by N4bA.

These guys are my favourite indie horror devs for good reason!

This is very worth the download and check out their other games they are better every game!

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nice lie

This game was great. Love your shit, keep up the good work.
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Oh man, what a creepy game! lol seriously it's been a while since I played a good horror game like this.  Cheers!

Thx for sending 2 me your cool game. I've played and recorded it.... Here is the link.

This was a super suspenseful and psychological game which made it scary for me. I was on edge the whole time which is what I like when I play a horror game. Great job.

Thank for sending me this game.  I had fun playing this game, and it was pretty creepy and entertaining!  Keep up the good work!

A truly terrifying experience! It's been a while since i've been this scared... last time i screamed this much was on Dungeon Nightmares :D An amazing game BRAVO!

I loved every second of this game! I split my video into 2 parts as there is so much to cover. I have a lot of questions about the 2nd half, but enjoyed the ride fully, nonetheless. The code to the 2nd combo lock did not appear to work, but I ended up in a crazy cycle of cannibals & chaos. I found a paper with a symbol and have no idea what to do with it. Every time I closed and reopened my lighter something new happened. Do you have future plans for Trapped? It's incredibly fascinating! 

Thank you for the video. Mmm, this is probably the final version of Trapped, there may be some minor updates. If I succeed, I will publish the gameon steam, but that is a long time. But I hope to create a Trapped 2 in which will be all that I planned in the first part. The fact that the codes were the same was a mistake, and the pieces of paper will prompt you a new code.

Combo didnt work, and some ther things too. suks cause it actually looked like a good game.

what exactly is not working? and what do you mean combo

The combination for the lock. When i tried it didn't work. either that or i'm just dumb lol.

dat monkey tho (3_3)

Good work very interesting gameplay

Good work on this game really hard to make a horror game these days i think, to many jumpscares these days, this was just right in my opinion.

Lets see what it leeds me to

AMAZING GAME!!  100/100

Interesting game, and I like the mechanics used in this one.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Gave it a go...

Awesome Game Dev Look to see this in free version but we all want to support you for your Hard work :) By the way how to escape from that guy :D Rated 5/5

just restart the game