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Dear N4bA, because I know how scaaaaaaaarrryyyyyyy this game is and my budget is low can you please put it free????


I know that Im a random guy but Im begging you..............

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Write your mail or write me an email , I will send you a steam key


you can just sent it to me here, Im sure noone sees us...



Deleted 1 year ago

it’s so scary I’m not sure if I can finish but here’s part 1 lol

Dear, N4bA
I just want to ask your permission. Is it possible to stream or upload a video whilst playing your game “From the darkness”, online??
Also if it is possible, we would like to monetize and use superchat on stream and video. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.


I do not really understand what you mean. You can stream and upload videos of my game, you can also monetize them.


It's amazing how much you progressed your first game published on 3 years ago is an insane difference to this quality. I have to know did you make all of these models? they are some of the best I've ever seen


Thank you) I downloaded most of the models from the asset store and sketchfab, some of the models I made myself, some I downloaded and modified.

Good game. Youre for sure one of my favorite new developers.


Hello, do you have any way I can contact you? I'm interested in how you developed the flashlight mechanic specifically (Moving with the mouse instead of the camera)

(+2)    It is very easy to do this, there are X Y coordinates to which the player should be turned and the player smoothly turns on them and the flashlight is always equal to these cordenates.

I will say this. Wrong Floor became one of the scariest games I've played so far but also now so has this one. Excellent job on this game, I loved every second of it. Great atmosphere and scares!

Played it all, and as I felt with Wrong Floor, you've done it again. Great thought must've been put into making that simple apartment, and doing a superb job at understanding what to make, what to have in said-apartment to make a person feel uncomfortable or feel unsafe, from things as simple as a 'dark room with no door', or making the player feel as if they have no control, over things that would provide comfort, like Doors, Light switches. Your understanding of horror makes me Very happy as a person who plays a ton of horror games. My ONE suggestion that I'd definitely advise is that you add a Framerate Cap in the Options so people can change between Locked/Unlocked framerate or set it to 60-120-180-240. Else, the game will run peoples GPUs all sweaty unecessarily, it can make multitasking or recording a pain when the game demands 80%+ of the GPU and OBS tries to take the remaining % of resources, when in actuality the game probably only needs 10-30% of My GPU.

Yo idk what you are supposed to do when it comes to the LOCK, i found the page where it tells you the answer but the Symbols aren't Readable at all. i Got Stuck There Mid-stream and ended just switching games instead.

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Sadly( The symbols on the paper were for confusion, there are no such symbols on the lock, you had to find the combination elsewhere. I will remove this piece of paper from the game

It confused me at first, but I saw the 'other things' once it became relevant.

i'm about to stream this Game later at around 10 P.M!!! CANT WAIT!!!

i Love All your Games and After WRONG FLOOR, im Hella Excited!!!

The game is released on steam

Thank you for your opinión, Full version now available on Google Play.

all games you make are so awesome.i wish i could make games like you.but i want to play them on my android tv.

can i only play this on steam?

Fuuuuuuck yes, cant wait


Hmm. Well, based on how I thought the previous game Wrong Floor was good, I look forward to this as well.

Yea this is gonna be good, hopefully as scary as wrong floor was :)

I am SO excited for this! I’m ready, N4bA!

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