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Loved this game! I played a while ago got it from Steam so i'm just leaving a good rating here :)

Finally got around to playing this. To anyone who purchases this, YOU WILL BE SCARED! 

Hi N4ba.

Me and the team (around 10 ppl from RU and UA) are currently working on a first person horror game. I really liked your From the darkness, so I'd like to propose you collaboration if you're interested.

Just e-mail me at to discuss the project.


Este es por mucho uno de los mejores juegos de terror que existen. No tengo palabras para describir la experiencia que el audio y la luz genera. N4bA es un maestro del terror. Aplausos!

My colon has left the building...

Had a blast with this little gem of a game. Atmosphere was thick as "yo mama" and scares shook me to my core.


Here is a quick short of From The Darkness if you need a little preview!

A game I saved for Halloween (2022) because watching someone else’s playthrough had me on edge.

N4bA can craft some good, unsettling, dark atmosphere games. Not many horror games straight up make me prepare myself mentally to start, usually it’s a “click and let’s go!” But this wasn’t that kind personally.
Definitely keep up the good work!

And saw the return of the large fellow from Wrong Floor! Which, is there any lore behind that character between the two games or just a favorite character model to use?

Bought the steam version. Absolutely loved the game. The sound design, the feeling of being watched constantly had me on edge for the whole game! Can't wait to play the others in your catalog!


Even in darkness...gotta stay on the grind and get some gains! Had a lot of fun with this one, really well made and the atmosphere had the right amount of creepy in it! And it helped me realize the importance of brotherhood. Heartwarming game.


I am pretty sure I've never been this scared of a game. So I am pretty proud i finished it! 

Good game.

Nice game! maybe one of the most scariest game I've played so far.

Are you making a playstation compatible version?

Take my Money ^^ i Love your Games and this is my favorite! I almost died from fear- good Job. i look forward to more games

German YouTuber: Balwoner

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Quem aí viu no canal do MaxMRM?

i haven't had any experience with the game but i watched Daz Games play it and the graphics were amazing and he had a positive review at the end of the video and i have to agree with the amount of jump scares and codes, i think its safe to safe to say that this game is excellent and i will definitely buy this game in the future! 10/10! 

This is a stream I did for Halloween! The viewers and I had a fantastic time with this game! I loved every second of it!

Loved the game! Probably one of the most terrifying game I've ever played. We need more like this! :D

Это реально шедевр)) сначала все понятно, а потом не очень))) но страшно очень 

dawg. This is the best shit i have ever played. With more work put into something like this like say a team, it literally beats 99% of games made by big developers. I paid people to play this so i could watch them.

I need to say this. THIS GAME. Was effing terrifying! Every second i felt super uneasy and anxious. I HATE IT, but love it all the same. The ambiance really fucked with my nerves, the music, the noises, the moans, everything was phenomenal! I really hope to see more like this in the future, because this was honestly one of my favorite horror games ive played for my channel! 

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can you add this game on GeForce now my laptop is bad and would like to play this game it would be nice? Btw I did already payed for it but yeah can’t play it.

Hello N4B4, I wanted to know where you got the music of the game, I liked it a lot, I hope you can answer me, greetings.

A part from the asset store like this one

as well as from and

sometimes I combined sounds, and lowered pitch very much, but I did not make any sounds myself

Thank you very much bro, and very good game.

Bruuh...this is one of the scariest games I ever played 

Loved this game 10/10 

This was awesome! I highly recommend! Made you a lil video: 

This game was so good! LOVED  every second. The dolls eyes though... 

pls can I have the game I tryed paying for it on steam many times I really pissed it’s not letting. Me I have the money can I pls have a code or something 

Genuinely one of the best horror game I’ve ever played. Great sound design, great balance of jump scares… I was terrified the whole time, but I had to keep going to the end!

seriously one of the scariest games of the year. my anxiety was off the charts in this one lol, i'm very impressed. will definitely keep an eye out for what's next


hi N4ba, i would love to play and make a video for my youtube channel ... but i have no money at the moment!If possible send to my email pls

Thank u <3

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dude it's 5 dollars, he's got bills to pay


Man, i live in Brazil... dollar here is the most expensive fivefold ... it's almost 30! :( 


Dear N4bA, I'm a College Student also. So I don't have money to purchase this game. Can you Give me this Game?? I don't have a budget.

Please sir/mam.

I know that I'm a random guy and  I'm begging you..............


Sir, I beg of you. Please sir if you can.......


Deleted 1 year ago

Dear N4bA, Thank you very much. it's working fine. You made awesome game 


godamn you guys are nice

n4ba pls can I have a code or something I been trying to pay for it on steam not working I was supposed to record it tonight 

You sir, owe me a new pair of pants

Full Game No Commentary 

This genuinely scared me at quite a few moments! Best horror game I have played in some time! Amazing job!

I played this game on my YouTube Channel in full. Check it out!


hey N4bA. I know you put much effort in your game but could you put it free cause i have no money to buy it plsss

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I'm hosting a Gam Jam for YouTuber MrKravin.  June 1st, 2021. Interested? #mrkravin

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